Perfect for the flick shake technique or drop shotting in deep clear water, the NetBait Slim Shake Worm delivers a tantalizing action thanks to its extremely soft plastic construction. Its slimmer profile also accentuates its movement underwater, and like all NetBait soft plastics, it's loaded with salt, scent and pork fat for added fish attraction. Available in multiple colors to match your local waters, the Slim Shake Worm from NetBait delivers excellent performance, as well as, more baits for your dollar.

Length Quantity
5.5" 25

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: awesome awesome awesome bait rigged wacky style on a dropshot rig. Everything is perfect. Scent, color, action, durability and my favorite.....quantity! Landed a 4lb largie in front of a smokin hot babe while waiting to pack up at the boat landing. I impressed her thanks to netbait!

From: Chris: ME 7/14/14

Comments: I love the paca chunk trailers and use them exclusively for jig fishing. Thought I would give these a try for drop shotting. They are amazing. Bouyant, soft and loaded with pork fat; these baits not only look appealing they smell appealing to bass too! Great color selection, great price. Love the fact that they come in 25 packs. Can only get about a quarter of that quanity for the same price from other brands. Keep up the good work Netbait!!!

From: Chris: IL

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