Netbait Spanky Swimbait

Netbait Spanky Swimbait

The Netbait Spanky Swimbait is a great addition to the already outstanding line of soft plastics that NetBait offers. It features a ribbed mid-section and a 5/8-inch paddle on the tail. These two features work together to create a vibration and movement that bass will search out and gobble up. Offered in a wide variety of colors, the Netbait Spanky works wonders as a swim jig trailer, on an A-rig or even on a drop shot. Next time you feel like spankin’ the competition, rig up Netbait Spanky Swimbait. 

Netbait Length Quantity
Big Spanky 5" 7
Little Spanky 3.25" 9

W2f Review
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12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Works good as a small finesse rig if that's what you are looking for. It's basically just like the perfect plastic caffeine shad without all the price. The damiki round jig heads fit pretty good on it

From: Forrest: USA 12/30/15

Comments: Baits are pretty small. If you are going smaller rig, your going to need some lighter wire hooks and smaller heads.

Comments: this bait is perfect for a scaled down A rig and the colors are fantastic

From: Chris: Riverview FL

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