Nichols Bulldozer 2pk

The Nichols Bulldozer features a durable, powder-coated football-style head with a special hook attachment that allows its super sharp Gamakatsu hook to swing freely behind the head. Simply Texas-rig your favorite soft plastic, and slowly bump it along the bottom, the Nichols Bulldozer will do the rest. Its unique design provides your bait with a more natural, lifelike action that has been bulldozing bass across the Country.

2 per pack

Weight Hook Size
1/4oz 3/0
3/8oz 4/0
1/2oz 5/0
3/4oz 5/0

2 Colors

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    Model No. BDBL-14
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
    1/2oz 5
    3/4oz 2
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    Model No. C-BD-14
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+
    1/2oz 5+
    3/4oz 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These things really work. Nichols has a 1 ounce bulldozer in production and I had 2 so I took them to a local lake. First cast was a 4 lber and within the next 30 min I caught a 2, 5, and a 6. If you need something to fish on a deep hump or ledge besides a c rig, big crank, or jig, you need to do yourself a favor and buy some!

From: Cody: Tallahassee, FL

Comments: Took some of these in 1/2 ounce out this weekend to Lake Travis.  Caught quite a few fish, including our largest fish--that went right over five pounds.  Used the Nichols Texas craw as a trailer, and was impressed with the setup.  We were cranking it slowly (like a crankbait), letting it deflect off the rocks--and they absolutely would smoke it--knocked about 2ft of slack in the line everytime I got a bite.  Works great, gives a different action than a football jig, and seemed to get bit when the jig would not.

From: Matt: Austin, TX

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