Nichols Lures introduces the Chatterbox Craw. The Nichols Chatterbox Craw is equipped with the Eaker Shaker blade. The Eaker Shaker blade was introduced in 1998 and was Best of Show Category Winner at the 1998 ICAST show in Orlando, Florida. The Chatterbox Craw's cupped blade can be switched from a vertical (tight wiggle)or horizontal (wide wobble) posture for more versatility.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Me and my tournament partner/fishing buddy are HUGE bladed jig fisherman and this is one of the few brands I have NOT used because he ordered some and found them to absolutely STINK. They didn't run true at certain speeds, not enough vibration...just did not "work" right. I think it is quite obviously the poorly designed "blade". The key to these baits is in the blade-itselfs' design.

From: Tanner: Southeast, MA

Comments: Not as good as others. I prefer Booyah boogie chatterbaits even though they break easy. The action allows you to slow roll the 3/8oz right in the zone for the pigs. The chatterbox is more of a faster bait and harder to get the blade moving. I've hooked some good fish on them at night but I prefer other brand chatterbaits more.

From: Tacklejunkie: Southern California

Comments: These things are great! Last spring I smashed them throwing these, and i even won a tournament throwing the Nichols chatterbox craw. They also look amazing in the water.

Comments: Lousy product.  Poor construction, not nearly as effective as the original chatterbait.  Buy the original, and hey, they are cheaper than these.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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