A unique name for a unique bait, the Nories Ebigaeru Popper combines the features of a hollow-bodied frog with the shape of a popper to create the world’s first soft body snagless popper. In order to construct this hybrid lure, Nories had to build a custom-made double frog hook with a narrower shape that contours to the Ebigaeru Popper’s slim profile. This innovative design gives the Nories Ebigaeru Popper the ability to trudge through thick slop and timber with little-to-no snagging, while still producing sharp, popping turns and extra-wide slides. Perfect for fishing under tree overhangs and in deep, weedy pockets, the Nories Ebigaeru Popper will definitely catch American bass off-guard with its one-of-a-kind presentation. 

Length Weight
3" 1/2oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best popper I've ever used. This is a finesse hollow body frog/shrimp that comes through pretty much any kind of cover clean, super weedless. The hooks are ridiculously sharp and the plastic is very thin and pliable. This allows the plastic to slide up your line far away from the hook when you hook into a big fish. The time it takes to squeeze water out is less time than it takes to clear off weeds from a wacky rig or other less weedless techniques.

From: Nytron: USA 7/19/14

Comments: looks great in the water but very fragile. Started filling with water and sinking after 1 fish

From: Tracy: summerville ga

Comments: This thing is cool ! It walks easy, pops and spits but the best thing about this bait is you can skip it under anything. I was able to skip this plug under docks and low hanging branches and got some explosive stikes. I have caught 5 largemouths so far on this bait and only saw the stike once the other four bites I heard b/c the bait was so far back under something I could not see it. The skirt is unique/different but gives it life like movement even when sitting still. Give a couple for you frog box.

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw River SC

Comments: After only 5 casts the hooks gouged a hole in the side of the popper. Have to empty out water after every cast now very disappointed

From: Jamey: Rome City, IN, US

Comments: I got this plug from TW yesterday and took it out to the river. It looks great in the water and resembles a shad or baitfish. Walks the dog very easy. I didn't fish it long b/c the pickerals were biting big time and I didn't want it to get busted up by one.

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw river, SC.

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