Nories Shrilpin 6.5" 6pk - $9.99

A time-tested big bass catching machine, the Nories Shrilpin 6.5 delivers a lively and responsive action that has been putting fish in the boat for over 18-years. A mix between a shrimp and a goby, the Nories Shrilpin 6.5 features a round, ribbed front half and a specialized "Hybrid Swim" tail.

Built using two different densities of plastics, the Nories Shrilpin 6.5 is stiffer in the front for easy rigging and softer in the tail to give the Hybrid Swim tail a highly reactive action. Incredibly lethal on neko-rigs, wacky-rigs, and shakey heads, the Nories Shrilpin 6.5 has been touted as a true bass magnet since its initial release in 1996. 

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6.5" 6
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Nories Shrilpin 6.5

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  • Green Pumpkin Xmas
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  • Mud Shrimp
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  • Stain Wakasagi
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  • Table Rock Shrimp
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  • Tenaga Shrimp Copper Flk
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  • Tequila Green
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  • Watermelon Blue Pearl Back
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