Nories Spoon Tail Shad

Nories Spoon Tail Shad

Engineered by professional angler and lure designer, Norio Tanabe, the Nories Spoon Tail offers a detailed baitfish profile and a highly developed action that is in a league of its own. Sculpted with a precise "spoon" shape, the tail of the Nories Spoon Tail delivers a strong thump, which creates a high pitch rolling action throughout the body of the bait.

Made using an advanced dual-injection technique, the Nories Spoon Tail features two different types of plastic – a dense inner layer that keeps it balanced, and a soft outer layer that gives it a natural action. In addition, the dual-injection method allows it to be made in a number of custom colors that can’t be achieved through traditional pouring processes. Whether it's rigged weightless, on a Texas-rig, swim jig, or A-rig, the Nories Spoon Tail delivers a highly effective action that will put your culling system to the test. 

Length Quantity
4" 6
5" 5
6" 5

3 Colors

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    Model No. STS-4-ST05
    Hi Viz Chartreuse
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 5 $9.99
    5" 4 $10.49
    6" 5 $10.99
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    Model No. STS-4-ST06
    Rainbow Ayu
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4" 3 $9.99
    5" 2 $10.49
    6" 5+ $10.99
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    Model No. STS-6-ST01
    Silver Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6" 5 $10.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great looking bait. The 6" does wonders on finicky spotties, calicos and sandies. Only draw back is these baits are NOT durable. Maybe 2 fish per bait and then shredded and unusable. Super glue helps but I wish at 2 bucks per bait they lasted longer. 1/2 oz Sk Squadron heads are a pretty perfect match for 6", Fishheads 3/4 for deeper ledges (long super sharp hook too)

From: Morgan: Costa mesa, CA 11/20/16

Comments: These Baits are amazing & pricy. but they are durable, they have a great weight to them, and they look scrumptious!! I caught 3 Bass in heavy, heavy cover and finally after going through hell it was done. If you like quality and are looking for a new flavor, I highly recommend these

From: Charles: Orlando, FL 1/14/15

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