When bass anglers talk about successful crankbaits, you can be sure that the Norman Crankbait will be included in the discussion. These 100% American made crankbaits have been around for a long time and are proven fish catchers. We carry only the Norman Pro Edge series because they stand head and shoulders above the other baits. The Norman Crankbait features deep lustrous finishes and a huge variety of colors. The diving bill and the attitude that the bait naturally swims at, enable these lures to come through and over underwater obstructions easily.

The Norman DD22 Suspending Crankbait Series opens up new possibilities for fishing over the normal floating crankbaits. Designed to suspend at a designated water depth, in this case 15-18 ft., the DD22 Suspending Crankbait stays in the strike zone longer than the normal floating crankbait.

Norman Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hook Size
SDD22 3in. 5/8oz 15-18ft. Suspending #2

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased 3 DD22 suspending versions and on a trip this past week tested them out.THEY DO NOT SUSPEND!!They have the marking suspend on them but they float up like a typical Crankbait.I was very disappointed.Norman May want to check on some Quality control as all 3 was just like the Regular DD22's 

Comments: This is my favorite deep crank for Falls Lake, NC and Jordan Lake, NC in June, July.  I use 12 pound test flourocarbon line.  Chart.-Blue is a great color.  This summer  (2012) I boated a 7 pound and 6.5 pound LM bass with a Suspend DD22.  My two largest fish of the summer.

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: ya danny your right alot of companies claim susp. yet they slowly float..i just add one of those small tape weights on the belly and it fixed it...now i cast it further and it susp...

From: Big John: VA, USA

Comments: These do not suspend. This is the second brand of suspending bait I bought that does not suspend. I just don't know how they can claim its suspending and it floats! Doesn't any one test these? If you want suspending buy Jackall suspending lures.

From: Danny: Stockton, CA

Comments: definitely a big fish catching lure. cast, reel and hold on tight.

From: California

Comments: Bought the tenn. ghost thinking it was going to suspend but i floated right back up like the normal DD22. could just be that one i got. not saying its a bad thing i've caught some spotted bass that can beat a lot of state records around the nation even near world record. this is definitely my go to bait during pre-spawn and fall. best deep diving crankbait for the price. will last forever until you lose it.

From: Taz: Fresno, CA

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