The Norman Deep Little N is a quick diving crankbait with a reputation for attracting fish in a wide range of conditions. The Deep Little N is great for covering large areas of water quickly at varying depths as a search bait. The precise balance and buoyancy delivers straight-running, highly responsive actions. With impressive diving speed the Norman Deep Little N also features loud rattles for additional fish attraction. The Deep Little N uses Gamakatsu Hooks and is very durable with a strong plastic bill and gel coating, resistant to chips and scratches.

Norman Deep Length Weight Depth Class Hook
Little N Suspended 2-1/2" 3/8oz 10-12ft Floating #4

Treble Hooks

Tackle Tour Best Value Award
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Customer Reviews

Comments: You cant go wrong with these crankbaits. Best medium diver on the market. Throw a natural shad pattern and hang on. Caught 20 pounds of smallmouth on Tims Ford last winter on these baits.

From: Matt: Chapel Hill, TN

Comments: A better plug has yet to be made. I catch fish almost everytime I go,with casting ease. Keep up the great work.

From: Jack: Albany, KY

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