The NorthStar Custom Swim Jig is a true swim jig. It comes equipped with a super sharp light wire 30-degree Mustad hook, as well as, a light wire weedguard. The main advantage of these jigs is that they stick fish a lot easier. The light wire hook penetrates and the weedguard is of little resistance when a bass inhales the jig. They also run straighter and right themselves after bouncing off of cover (no heavy hook swim jig does this effectively). Hand-tied and available in several proven color combinations, don't be afraid to throw the NorthStar Custom Swim Jig into thick, nasty cover either - many a 5lber has succumbed to them in the thick stuff.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: NorthStar is the real deal. High quality, hand died, swim jigs that are deadly in the water. I don't use anything else. 

From: Matthew: Twin Cities, MN, USA

Comments: love the silver shad. caught lots of smallmouth on  this badboy around current breaks and deeper docks.

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Every part of this jig is amazing, but the durability is what sets this apart from the other jigs on the market...have caught over 100 fish on one jig and it's almost brand new!

From: Bill: WI

Comments: Bought one of these to try and just had to order a bunch more. They are one of the nicest swim jigs you can buy on TW. Colors are really awesome and hand tied wire skirts hold up great.

From: Erich: WI

Comments: Awesome jig!!! Great colors,swims great and with the right trailer bass love 'em.

From: T-Funk: Washington DC

Comments:  By far the best swim jig on the market. The attention to detail is second to none. Hook is strong and sharp, hand tied, hand painted, and excellent weedguard. I would never even think of getting on the lake without one of these tied on. Black/blue color with a black/blue rage craw is deadly.

Comments: These are the best swim jigs Ive used. In our last two tourneys our biggest fish have come on the Northstars. They come through the grass and thick mats great.

From: Joe: MN

Comments: The REAL DEAL!! A great swim jig all around!

From: Matt: AR, USA

Comments: I've been using NorthStar custom jigs for about a year now, and I've got to say that they're probably my favorite out of all the brands I've tried. Chris, the guy who makes them, is a very meticulous worker, and pays a lot of attention to details and little things that many other jig manufacturers overlook (like actually hand-tying the skirt with wire). The jigs look much better in person too!

From: James: Illinois, USA

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