The NorthStar Flip & Swim Jig is a very versatile grass style jig that can be used for both for flipping and pitching, as well as, as a swim jig. It comes equipped with a 3x-strong, 30-degree round bend hook, which delivers rock solid hooksets, whether you are fishing the heaviest cover on the lake, or swimming the 3/4oz model underneath a canopy of milfoil. Its pointy head and swept back weedguard help it snake through all types of thick cover, while its wide-base also keeps it from tipping over when it hits the bottom. A 60-strand, hand-tied silicone skirt, 3D eyes that are glued and then epoxied, as well as, a granite-like powder coating, combine to create a durable, lifelike presentation. NorthStar recommends that whatever you do with the Flip & Swim Jig that you use a stout rod, heavy line, and hang on - because bass love to punish the NorthStar Flip and Swim!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: One of my favorites. Pair it up with a Biffle Bug and it's money

From: Tim: TX

Comments: Josh, this is my go to heavy cover jig...Big enough weights to get into the heavy stuff and great head/heavy hook to get them out.

From: Douglas: TX

Comments: How's this jig for pitching into heavy cover?

From: Josh: Up Yonder

Comments: Hands down the best jig I own; a little upset now that I have been spending so much money on others. This is a very versatile flipping or swimming jig!  I am now buying more and will be the only jig I use for both applications.

From: Brett: NY

Comments: The quality and durability of this Jig is unmatched. I have caught 30+ fish on one and it looks like the day I bought it. And I have ran it through some nasty stuff. For a compact trailer, the Rage Tail Menace is UNBEATABLE. I flip this combo into pockets and holes of thick matted grass and hang on tight because the bite is almost instant. Favorite Flip and swim is the 1/2 oz Kentucky Bluegrass followed by Bama Craw.

From: Jake: TX

Comments: High quality and high performance for a reasonable price. Nearly identical to the Dirty Jigs Cali Swim, buy these and save 1.50 on each one. Put a Havoc Grass Pig cut down to 4" on the back, slow roll thru deep grass, and hold on for a vicious shark attack-like strike. I bought 3 last time, and im' buying 4 now bc they work so well, only prob is I lose some fishing them in rivers so be careful around rock.

Comments: Very unique jig that is one of a kind. Throw this thing in the heaviest of cover or slow roll it in deep water. However you choose to throw this jig you can count on it catching fish and living up to the quality that NorthStar stands for.

From: Rick: TX

Comments: Great jig, i like to flip and swim my jigs. This and the Hack Attack jig are the best i have found for double duty. The Kentucky Blue Grass is my favorite color.

From: Ryan: IL

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