An excellent tool for enticing cold water bass, the NorthStar Custom Baits Craw Bug Flipping Jigs feature the perfect blend of Bucktail and silicone, hand-tied on a chip-resistant football head. A definite go-to bait when the water dips below 50 degrees, they also can’t be ignored when targeting fussy fish in warmer water! These jigs, with their premium Mustad 3X Ultra Point Hooks, deliver lightning fast penetration with the strength to haul in even the biggest porker. Available in several proven color combinations, the NorthStar Custom Hairy Craw Flipping Jigs are deadly any time the water gets cold or the fish get tight lipped.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very well built jig, has not got hung up yet.  Weedguard is firm but hasn't affected hookup ratio at all.  Will buy more.

From: Scott: Halifax, MA

Comments: I'm somewhat of a jig junkie and collect them like some people collect jerkbaits. But when the bite gets tough and my newest collection of snazzy new jigs aren't working, I always seem to come crawling back to these babies. Confidence bait? Definitely.

From: James: Champaign, IL

Comments: Chris, at NorthStar makes some of the best jigs i've ever fished... been using them for a couple of years now!!  They come thru cover so extremely well and really stand up to a beatn!!!  Great to see TW carrying NS baits!!

From: GRAIG: Danvers, MA

Comments: AWESOME jig.  I'd pay double what it costs and still say the same thing.  Dragged it over rocks for three hours and didn't have a single scratch on the jighead.  This jig is something different and is without question worth your attention.

From: Matt: North Haven, CT

Comments: Best jigs in the world hands down!!

From: Nick: MN

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