The NorthStar Custom Baits Craw Bug Football Jigs are the perfect tool for cold water Bass! Featuring the perfect blend of Bucktail and silicone, hand-tied on a chip-resistant football head, these jigs bring home the bacon! A definite go-to bait when the water dips below 50 degrees, they also can’t be ignored for fussy fish in warmer water! These jigs, with their light wire hooks, penetrate even on finesse spinning gear, yet the hook is strong enough to haul in even the biggest porker. Available in several proven color combinations, the NorthStar Custom Hairy Craw Football Jigs catch fish no matter where they go.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: love the bait it works great but the hooks suck I lost a 4lb smallie today that just straightened the hook and I had a couple others do the same, the hook you can bend it with your fingers... if these had trokar hooks they would be the best out there...

From: Ron: middlebourne, wv

Comments: Great jig! Very appealing and catches fish year around. It realy excels for me in colder water. The hooks on them are terrorible and need some TLC after recieveing them. If the hook was better quality (sharper/stronger) it would be one of my top choices in a football jig. Trying the premier next

From: Wes: Round Rock, TX

Comments: the hook is dull. I purchased the premiere one as well and it's much better. It's only 50 cents difference. Dont be tight. Get premiere.

From: Jigger: NV

Comments: These baits are cool!  I like to take the 8" size, wacky rig it with a Gamakatsu Weedless Finesse Wide Gap hook; and stick a nail weight in the fat end.  The action is amazing, the way it goes over rocks is unreal; very unique bait.  Love how the tail stands up!  Not many locals fishing these baits either.  They DO work!

From: Tim: Quitman, AR

Comments: Quality Hook. Hand-tied skirt. A blend of hair and silicone. Fair price. What can I say? This has got to be everything I've ever wanted in a cold water jig. The best part is they catch a lot of fish too!

From: James: Illinois, USA

Comments: These are my go to cold water bait. Smallies and LM cannot stand tantalizing action of the hair/silicone combined!

From: Nick: MN

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