Delivering classic wrap around styling, the Numa Optics Chuck Sunglasses are designed to be the last pair of sunglasses you ever have to buy. Highly acclaimed by Special Forces soldiers, backwoodsmen, anglers and skiers, they are virtually indestructible thanks to their advance Tough-Flex Frames. The shatterproof multi-layer polycarbonate lenses protect against accidental impact, and exceed military-spec ANSI z87 for impact protection and optics, Delivering perfect distortion-free ocular clarity, as well as, 100% UV400 protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, NumaPlate hard coat, an industry-leading anti-scratch treatment, also provides added durability. Each lens features a super-slick anti-smudge hydrophobic coating as well to keep them clean and clear, and also prevents fogging. Anti-fog venting as well as no-slip-grip-rubber temple/nose pads provide added comfort. Used by professional bass angler, Scott Martin, the Numa Optics Chuck Sunglasses are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Tough-Flex Frames - Numa warrants that under normal wear-and-tear, the frames will not break. Normal wear-and-tear includes but is not limited to: scaling a cliff face, downhill mountain biking or skiing, parachuting, hiking rugged terrain, dropping your Numas on a hard surface, accidentally stepping or sitting on them, and even letting your toddler play with them. Patented flexible, extremely lightweight and durable fibers make the frames virtually unbreakable, designed with the rigidity to provide top performance characteristics, while also having the incredible flexibility and structural memory to come back to shape after impact or pressure, they are also reinforced at what are typically vulnerable points, the hinges and bridge of nose. Weighing in at 24-31 grams, they’re also so light, you’ll hardly notice you have them on.

Polycabonate Lenses - Polycarbonate is preferred over glass for active sports because it is impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight and durable.  Unlike glass, polycarbonate is flexible and bends, rather than shatters, when struck.  Numa’s lenses were tested to European ballistic standards for high-impact resistance before they were adopted by the Swiss SWAT teams as their standard issue eyewear.

Polarized Copper - Bright-ligh, high-contrast lens.
Polarized Smoke - Color-neutral, bright-light lens.
Polarized Yellow - Low-light high contrast bass lens.
Polarized Copper with Purple Mirror - Bright-light, high contrast bass lens.


-Hard Case
-Large cleaning cloth pouch

"Numa Sport Optics are crystal clear and perfect for sight fishing. And Numa’s tough frames and shaterproof lenses are accident proof, which gives me peace of mind. These are the most highly engineered fishing lenses I’ve ever used and I consider them essential gear when I’m out on the water." - Scott Martin, 2011 Forrest Wood Cup Champion.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome glasses cut through the water really well. Have both smoke and yellow. I find myself wearing these more than my Oakleys, go figure. Very light and comfortable.

From: Acer: USA 7/3/14

Comments: Bought a pair of stealth black/copper purple chucks and I am surprised on how awesome these lenses are! They are actually better than the pair of costa del mars that I broke

From: Pat: Kissimmee, FL

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