OSP Blitz EX DR - $19.99

The OSP Blitz EX DR is a compact, deep diving crankbait engineered to get down to depth quickly and deliver a tremendous action - at a fast or slow retrieve. Ideal for tough conditions when a smaller presentation is the key, it's incredibly detailed and tirelessly crafted in Japan. It also provides excellent casting capabilities even without a weight transfer system. Available in a range of colors, the OSP Blitz EX DR delivers the performance and fish attraction you would expect from a premium Japanese-made lure.

OSP Length Weight Depth
Blitz EX DR 2" 7/16oz 12-13ft
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6 Available Colors

  • Crystal Blue Shiner
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Hasu
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  • Red Craw
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  • Tasty Shad
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  • Vanilla Chartreuse
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Comments: excellent crank: easy to cast, fast diving, good quality trebles and right colors

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