OSP Blitz Max Dr Crankbait - $19.99

The deep-diving O.S.P. Blitz Max DR features a fixed weight and center of gravity, which actually allows for longer casts and contributes to the bait’s consistent, tight wobbling action. The shape of the lure's semi-flat lip also helps it avoid snags and deflect off deep structure, generating strikes. A unique, internal honey-combed body construction delivers excellent durability, providing a stronger structure while remaining lightweight. Available is several quality deep-diving colors, the O.S.P. Blitz Max DR has a quick start-up with a highly responsive action specifically tailored to attracting those large bass lurking in deep water.

O.S.P. Length Weight Depth Class
Blitz Max Dr 2-2/8" 5/8oz 0-14ft Floating

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Crystal Blue Shiner
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OSP Blitz Max Dr Crankbait

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  • Crystal Blue Shiner
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Ginrin
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  • Hasu
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  • Hot Tiger
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  • Vanilla Chartreuse
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Comments: I have been bass fishing for more than 40 years.  The OSP Max DR in the Ginrin pattern is the most productive lure I have ever fished.  It's  almost the "magic lure" that all bass fishermen are looking for.

From: Johnny: Tuscaloosa, AL

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