These flat-sided crankbaits from one of Japan's premier hardbait manufacturers were designed by Toshinari Namiki, a very popular Japanese bass pro. The flat-sided design will track straight through the water at any retrieval speed and the super fast vibration will drive big bass crazy. The O.S.P. HPF Crankbait features an innovative weight transfer system that allows the lure to be cast long distances but when the lure is retrieved the ball bearing falls into a pocket in the front of the lure making it heavier in front to dive faster and stay at depth longer. The bill of the O.S.P. Crankbait is an extremely strong, super-thin wafer of high-tech material that will cut into the water faster and the broad shape will make this lure vibrate like crazy. If you're looking for premier Japanese baits, the you have to check out the O.S.P. line of baits.

OSP Length Weight
HPF Crank 2.5" 3/8oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ive got two of these baits. Had them for an entire season so far. Out of the package, one of the bills was loose. A little superglue took care of it. On the other one, there was a layer of plastic that was sort of shedding off the bill. These are supposed to float but they have poor buoyancy. The hooks are nice and sharp and the hardware is quality. Ive only actually thrown one of them and it has the tendency to roll over at times, hopefully the other one is better. I cannot give an honest report on their fish catching ability because I don't think I have been "on fish" while using this bait. In hand, the bait is intriguing and seems like a winner, however I have never been in a situation where I thought it would clean-up. It is too light to fish in lip-less situations and does not have the attributes I  look for in a shallow crank bait. I have heard KJ talk about his bait (similar bait from LC) in using it during spring due to its tightness. I look forward to trying it this spring on a light casting setup, pulling it slowly back to the boat.

From: Nate: Pasco, WA

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