Designed to excel in highly-pressured conditions and clear water, the O.S.P. High Cut SP is a non-rattling lure that swims just like a baitfish thanks to its High Cut design. The inside of the body is specially designed with a lower, fixed center of gravity, which helps with the bait's rolling action, as well as, its performance at a fast retrieve. The High Cut SP's ultra-light and durable honey-comb body construction allows for a quick start up, and the rounded bill also contributes to the bait's stability and action. Available in a variety of colors, the O.S.P. High Cut SP is a quality lure designed to produce in tough fishing conditions.

OSP Length Weight Depth Class
High Cut SP 2-2/5" 1/5oz 0-8ft Suspending

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a wicked bait, it has a fast wide darty action. I have pounded largemouths, smallmouths, walleyes, and perch. Just as effective as the asura, a handsome bait on top of all that.

From: George: Detroit, MI

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