OSP Rudra Jerkbait

OSP Rudra Jerkbait

The O.S.P. Rudra Jerkbait is able to produce intense flashing effects thanks to its flat sides and erratic action. Two stationary weights affixed inside the belly of the bait improve balance, especially on the pause, and three smaller ball bearings generate additional inertia, helping to impart the Rudra's big rolling movement. The lip is also precision-engineered with the proper material and shape to create a strong darting action, as well as, a tight wobble even at a normal retrieve. Extremely durable thanks to a unique internal, honey-combed body construction, the O.S.P Rudra Jerkbait has the fish-like actions and realistic detailing to get those big, less active bass to strike.

O.S.P. Length Weight Depth Class
Rudra 5-1/8" 3/4oz 0-6ft Suspending

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I still have some from back in the days when it was only avalible in Japan. You get what you pay for... This is top quality stuff. I only wish TW would carry some Japanese colors. It's more convient and cheaper here.

From: Hmoobmuas: Clovis, CA

Comments: One guy's "over-priced rubbish" can be another guy's main jerkbait.  This is a great jerkbait.  I have 3 or 4 favorite jerkbaits, and Rudra is normally the fist one I use.  I have caught hundreds of fish on this, including some fish over 7lbs.  It definitely attracts bigger fish than smaller jerkbiat like Vision 110 does.

From: MK

Comments: This is a nice jerkbait, it has a nice side to side action resistance I could not detect any and I was using a light action mod fast rod.

From: Count

Comments: Another over-priced rubbish. Hard to work with. I'm using a 12-20lb SC5 stick, yet the resistant from this bait is still able to hinder the retrieve.

From: Adam: S'pore

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