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OSP Yamato - $19.99 to $21.69

The Yamato is a revolutionary topwater/jerkbait from O.S.P. (Osprey Spiritual Performance) and Toshinari Namiki of Japan. Featuring dual line eyes, the Yamato provides the versatility of two lures in one for a devastating bass catching combo. The lower line eye enables the Yamato to produce the classic walk-the-dog action and with its concave nose it can also serve as an oversized popper for varying your retrieve. The upper line eye is responsible for producing the diving action of a jerkbait, allowing the Yamato to flash and bulge just below the surface. Each OSP Yamato also features a unique centerboard, extending below the head of the bait, which serves as a rudder for stability and also enlarges the bait's turn angle, creating more splash. Extremely detailed with life-like gill plates, etched scales and 3D eyes, the O.S.P. Yamato is available in a number of effective colors to match the forage in your local waters.

O.S.P. Length Weight Class
Yamato Jr. 3-7/10" 5/8oz Floating
Yamato 4-3/5" 1-oz Floating

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Comments: The water is still too cold for a topwater bite but I tried the bait this weekend.  It is a "walk the dog" Ppook bait for those that struggle with, or do not know how to use, a Spook.  Walking the dog is as easy as using a popper with this bait. The upper line tie causes the bait to go under water in a way that does not look productive to me.  I will know more when the water warms, but I won't be filling my tacklebox with these.

From: Mike: St. Louis,. MO

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Crystal Blue Shiner
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OSP Yamato

7 Available Colors

  • Crystal Blue Shiner
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 3+ $19.99
  • Ghost Minnow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 2 $19.99
    Standard 2+ $21.69
  • Ghost Pearl
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 2+ $19.99
  • Hasu
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 2 $19.99
    Standard 2 $21.69
  • Pearl Chart Back
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 2 $19.99
    Standard 2+ $21.69
  • Sunfish
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 3 $19.99
  • Tasty Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Standard 11/16 $21.69

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