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On the cutting edge between sport and lifestyle, the Oakley Valve Sunglasses are built for active lives that demand both performance and pace-setting style. Constructed from Oakley's patented O-Matter frame materials, the lightweight Oakley Valve Sunglasses are designed to stand up to tough conditions both on and off the water.

For increased grip, the frames feature Unobtainium accents on the nose and arms that actually become tacky with perspiration, so they stay put as your moving around, setting hooks, and casting. Built with Oakley's Thee-Point Fit, the Oakley Valve Sunglasses have a sporty geometry that hugs the nose and behind the ears to keep the lenses perfectly aligned at all times.

Made from Oakley's pure Plutonite materials, the lenses are designed to filter out every ray of ultraviolet light, not just UVA and UVB. Also, the lenses are taper corrected, meaning that they are thicker at the nose and become thinner towards the outside. This taper eliminates distortion and headaches by reducing the strain on your eyes.

To block 99% of distracting glare, the Plutonite lenses are made with a polarized filter that is fused at the molecular level, so light only moves through a single layer to provide unbeatable clarity when glare is most prevalent. If you're looking for a go-anywhere, do-anything sunglass that will work on and off the water, the Oakley Valve Sunglasses are it.


-Microfiber carrying case

*Designed for medium-large faces


Shallow Blue Iridium Polarized – Designed for low light conditions. Offers a subtle coating to increase contrast and reduce glare. Great for early mornings, foggy conditions, or late afternoons.

Deep Blue Iridium Polarized – Made specifically for fishing. Engineered to cut out harsh glare in a dominantly blue environment. Ideal for bright and sunny conditions on the open water.

Black/Deep Blue Iridium Polar
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Oakley Valve Sunglasses

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  • Black/Deep Blue Iridium Polar
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  • Kings Woodland/SH Blue Iridium
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