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The Okuma Tackle Backpack is the perfect solution for any type of traveling, whether it be a day-hike to your favorite lake or a plane ride to bass fishing paradise. This is a legitimate soft tackle bag in backpack form, which means you have both hands free. You don't even have to worry about balancing a tackle bag on one shoulder while trying to hold the rest of your gear.

Each backpack INCLUDES 4 snap-lock, adjustable ABS Tackle Boxes, which fit perfectly in the protective, foam-padded tackle box compartment at the base of the bag. The size of the Okuma ABS tackle boxes are approximately 10.75"L x 7"W x 1.75"H which is basically the same size as the standard Plano 3600 tackle boxes. The majority of the backpack, including the main compartment is available for additional gear, with separate interior and exterior compartments for just about anything you would want to take along; food, clothes, keys, etc.

The outer shell is made from durable 600-denier material with water-resistant rubberized lining and an EVA rigid bottom, all designed to keep your gear safe while fishing or traveling. Okuma took several measures to ensure comfort as well by equipping each bag with a contoured, padded back and adjustable waist-belt to redistribute weight from the padded shoulder straps. A reinforced carrying handle is also convenient for car or airline travel.

Dimensions: 13" x 10" x 21"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't carry too much tackle/stuff in this bag but it can hold a lot for sure. But had this for less than a year now, and the strap finally broke as some of the seams in multiple places are starting to come undone. Maybe a bad batch?? Not bad while it lasted just needed to be more rugged.

From: Jerry: NC 5/8/16

Comments: Great bag, purchased to use as a Co Angler fishing FLW BFL series. People say your limited to what you can bring as a Co Angler but not with this bag, take everything & the kitchen sink & fish comfortably! So much room for tackle & other items, yet easy to carry & easy to store on the boat while fishing. Best bag on the market by far! Worth every bit of $59.99.

From: Stephen: Warwick, RI 12/19/15

Comments: I have waited to review this bag until after I could really put it to use. I have owned it now for 2 years. Best investment for the money you can buy. It balances well on your back when fully loaded down. Pleanty of pockets and zip up storage. I am able to take just about everything I could possibly need for a whole day of fishing.  No quality problems at all. Everything still works like the day I bought it. My fishing buddy's liked it so much they got one also. It's worth every penny.

From: Brandon: Oklahoma City, OK 4/4/15

Comments: I highly recommend you get this bag,extremely well made, very comfy and this bag holds a lot more gear than you relize, plus it looks great! Boat or walking this bag works perfect and can hold a Plano Elite Worm File In the top that fits perfect. Don't think about it GET THIS BAG!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: this backpack sucks. Strapped broke on me and its been only 6months. Like how it can hold a lot of stuff but need to make the straps stronger.

From: Sai: Fresno, CA

Comments: this is the best bag i ever got it holds alot and i dont even take off when i cast so if u are thinking about it dont think no more just buy it

From: Jonathon: Modesto, CA

Comments: I agree with Jeremy. He spells his name right!

From: Jeremy: TRI, content, Murica

Comments: The backpack arrived in the mail today.  I loaded it up with gear and I found that it has a waist buckle strap tucked in the back two sleeves i didn't see in any of the pictures. Another thing i realized is that all the weight gets focused to your lower back and when you actually use the buckle strap it just increases the pressure.  So i wouldn't suggested this for long distance hikes down to lakes or rivers just a nice gear pack lots of storage.  

From: Dylan: Scottsdale, AZ

Comments: I really like this bag it has a lot of storage and that's perfect I 100% recommend this bag

From: Jessie

Comments: Im not gonna lie i thought that this bag was smaller than what it truly is but i was content with that but when i got the bag it was pretty big. great 3600 series that comes with it. strong zippers and a lot of pockets. the pictures here do not really justify the bag. extremely pleased with the bag

From: Jeremy: where ever the army puts me

Comments:I bought this backpack for fishing steelhead in Oregon, it's very durable. I carry a lot of gear and weight. This backpack is better built then previous ones that I have purchased thru Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop. Large zippers and good quality stiching. I wish this backpack was 6 inches longer.

From:Brent: Madras, OR

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