Offering potent performance and bold styling - with gear ratios ranging from a blazing fast 7.3:1 to a powerful 5.4:1 - the Okuma Citrix Series Casting Reels do it all for less.  Each reel’s ALC Diecast Aluminum Frame provides a rigid, lightweight base of operations, keeping all gearing in perfect alignment, while seven ball bearings and one quick-set anti-reverse bearing ensure fluid functioning and rock solid hook sets.

A Multi-Disc Composite Drag System also provides consistent drag pressure through out its range, and a Micro Click Drag Star allows for precise drag settings.  Up to the task of handling braided lines, a Zirconium Line Guide Insert delivers added toughness, and an external adjustable Centrifugal Cast Control System provides the smooth, convenient cast control you need for varying conditions.   Packed with innovative features and components, the Okuma Citrix Casting Reels deliver the performance and affordability that have solidified Okuma as a leader in advanced reel design and angler value.

Additional Features:

-A6061-T6 Machined Aluminum Anodized V-Shape Spool
-Extended-Length Handle with Oversized Knobs
-Backed by Okuma’s Limited One-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It's Alright but I honest;y would chose Lews Laser reels or Abu Garcia revos, Not worth my money, I can't cast far at all, kinda embrassing when I'm fishing with my buddies and they all out cast me with their Curados and REVOS!

From: Pao: Wausau,WI

Comments: I'm not the most experienced nor do I have the money to get every single reel out but I do have a few. I have a few Curados, STXs, Lews Tournament Pros, and a Calais. While this reel seems like it is built like a tank, it is far from the smooth. The bearings are really rough and makes a lot of noise and the paddle is far too loose and makes a lot of clicking noise. In my opinion this reel is not worth $120. At best it should be $60-80. An Abu Garcia Orra SX, Shimano Citica, and Lew's Speed Spool is a whole lot better for less or a tiny more $.

From: John: CA

Comments: Well ive been using the reel for a couple of months now,and its ok,for the price its great,the few things i dont like about the reel are...1-The drag is a bit sticky,i fish it on a 7foot extra heavy e21 with 20lb flouro and target mainly pike with it,so a smooth drag is essential to me,it almost feels as if im going to get pulled off the boat before it give line in a rather jerky fashion..2 the handles are really uncomfortable,i sorted that by putting on some pro grips,sorted it out right away.It casts miles and has put up with some punishment,i casts a mile though and has good cast control,over all a 5.5/10.

From: Jason: United Kingdom

Comments: Hey to all who fish.  I just received my first 2 Okuma Citrix baitcasters.  I have never thrown one.  But now that I have them I have taken the time to read the reviews and see what other people think about them.  I have seen both good and bad. My thoughts:  So far,(in my kitchen,) I have looked over these reel's and it feels great in the hand, is smooth as I had hoped and if looks matter, BAD ASS! Love it!  These 2 are going to get there chance to shine at the NABC Championship next week.  I will be on the water for a week prior to the tournament.  We will see if it holds up. For anyone out there who does or does not know what the NABC is.  Check out North American Bass Circuit dot com. My name is Bradley Ksionek and I am on Tackle Warehouse every other day if not daily.  Truely the BEST way to search, find, and purchase tackle and other fishing accessories.

From: Bradley: Wausau, WI

Comments: update, on last post: the line bunches up on one side all the time. Okuma has now gone down hill. I am 14and I do tournaments and take them seriously. I don't have the time or $ to screw with this junk. I don't work and I wasted two-hundred bucks on this crap. I will use bps reels for now on!!!!!!!

From: bass slayer

Comments: Just got this reel yesterday and today I took it for a spin. I am amazed at how far this bad boy can cast and how smooth it is! I launched a 1/4 oz jig a mile. Backlashes never happened. I horsed a decent fish out of some heavy slop with ease. It is comparable to a pro qualfier but it casts a mile further. Let's just see how long it is going to last. My Krios broke the day after I ordered the Citrix.

From: Bass Slayer: NJ

Comments: this real is great! i used the piss out of it an i was fishing an all i herd was a huge bang like if it got hit by a bullet an the side plate shot off the real and landed in the lake an the spoll flew with it i was able to save the spoll but not the side plate. but this real is great for the most part!

From: Hayden: AZ

Comments: I don't own one but a close friend does and has let me borrow it for a few tourneys. I really do not like the feel of it in comparison to my shimano's and abu garcias, or even to other okuma reels. I own the Okuma Cayenne ( knock off of the serrano) and it is a great reel. This one is very finicky with its adjustments on the spool tension, really have to play with it to get it right. Its also BIG. The cayenne i have is 7.2 ounces but it feel half the size of this reel. Its definitely not the worst reel i have ever used, but i will not be buying it in the future.

From: John: Blacksburg, VA

Comments: Got this real and fished it pretty good during the season. Seemed to hold up pretty well, even against a 30 inch muskie! I love the color scheme and I love the price even more. If you are sure you want to get into bass fishing and are just starting out, for 120 bucks, you cant beat this reel.

From: Andrew: Algonac, MI

Comments: I bought the 7.3 for flippin, and I couldn't have made a better decision. Lightning fast, comfortable in the hand, and decently light. Especially for flippin this reel handles the most thick and brutal crap that I can find. Great  reel for an even greater price. 

From: Kyler: Waukesha, WI

Comments: I just cant tell you how smooth this reel is usually I use reels in the 170.00 to 200.00 dollar range its great to find one at 119.00. Would not try one before because I could not pronouce the name (still can't) But will for sure purchase another. Thanks to Tackle Warehouse their shipments is always speedy

From: David: Oroville, CA

Comments: This reel is very smooth and fishes like a reel costing twice as much.  I have this on a 7'3" Duckett M/H rod with 30lb braid and use it for jigs and carolina rigs.  The 7.3:1 is extremely fast but still strong enough to pull fish out of heavy cover.  Also worth mentioning is Tackle warehouse and there excellent service.  I live close to both cabela's and Basspro but choose to deal with TW because of there knowledge and fast service.  Keep up the good work.

From: Bruce: E. Hrtfd, CT

Comments: I purchased the 5.4:1 gear ratio reel to pair up with my 7' skeet reese tessera cranking rod to throw all shallow to mid running crankbaits and it works excellent.  Reels super super smooth and probably the smoothest reel I have ever felt.  Casts light baits a long ways with 12 lbs fluoro and haven't had a bit of a problem with backlashes.  I love the swept handle and the large knobs as well.  For the price I'd say this is an amazing reel.

From: Brian

Comments: Purchased this reel for the blazing fast retrieve, and have not been disapointed in the least bit. I usually don't write reviews, but after reading the ones above comparing it to 300.00 reels I thought I would chime in. This is my new rip bait reel and casts like a reel in a much higher price bracket. Last time I checked any reel with this quick of a retrieve is about 100.00 to 200.00 more. Have not heard any bearing noises yet either. Can't wait for the postspawn ripbait bite!!!

From: Michael: Lake Havasu, AZ/ Southern California

Comments: This reel seems OK for the money. Bearings make alot of noize. I own Shimano Chronarch's - Shimano Curado's and Abu Garcia REVO SX & STX's...The Citrix is just an average reel compared to the others...I would give it a 6 out of 10 only because of the good looks and High Speed 7.3:1 gear ratio....oh bye the way, it's made in CHINA ! I thought Okuma was Japanese ? This is my First and Last Okuma....Stick with Shimano or Abu

From: Jeff: Newnan, GA

Comments: Just got this reel yesterday. Haven't fished it yet, just tried it out at a local pond. Feels nice, cast a lightweight crankbait a mile. Got the 5:3:1 for cranking and believe I will have good cranking power. Love the oversized reel grips. Nice tacky rubber feel to them. All around I think this reel could be better at 89.99 or 99.99 but I'm happy with it.

From: Tennessee, USA

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