Designed for the anglers out there who spend every weekend fishing tournaments and every minute they can out on the water, the new Okuma C3-40X Spinning Rods have been re-designed and updated to offer enhanced tournament-caliber performance. Featuring lightweight and ultra-sensitive 40-ton carbon high-modulus blanks, they have the power to steer big fish away from trouble, and a feather-like feel that allows you to fish for hours with very little arm and wrist fatigue. PacBay Minima reel seats also put you in direct contact with the rod blank, which combined with the absence of a foregrip and advance CarbonCone grips greatly increases sensitivity transfer and reduces weight. Additionally, ALPS low-profile guides with titanium frames and super hard zirconium inserts offer braid-ready performance, and each rod includes Fuji’s new EZ moveable hook keeper, which can be placed anywhere on the rod. Ounce-for-ounce, the Okuma C3-40X Spinning Rods are the perfect high-end tournament fishing rods - especially for the price.

-Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Lightweight and ultra sensitive thanks to high modulus IM8 graphite blanks, the Okuma Citrix Spinning Rods not only offer high performance at a great price - they look good doing it.

  • Delivering technique specific performance designed for tournament anglers, he Okuma EVX Spinning Rods offer the precision and performance you don’t usually find at this price range.

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  • Delivering the action and power of a high-end, high-priced rod, the Okuma Reflexions Spinning Rods won't burn a hole in your pocket book.

  • The Okuma Scott Martin Signature TCS Spinning Rods were designed by Forrest Wood Cup Champion, Scott Martin, with incredibly lightweight blanks, medium micro guides and technique specific features for his more productive applications.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought one of these last year from TW. Good purchase. Got the MH 7' & it's a beast. Really light & the tip is as stiff or stiffer than my mojo MH. Very sensitive & can feel a fish instantly. The finish isn't bombproof, scratches fairly easy on the deck. I'd recommend a rod sock.

From: Frank: Toronto, Canada 3/29/16

Comments: Incredible. Sensitivity is out of this world and the overall feel is great. Had to get the 6-10 Light from another site (TW please carry), but that is the best drop-shot rod ever made. I also have the 7-1ML. it is stiffer than expected, but a fantastic shaky head or tube rod. 

From: JP: MD 6/18/14

Comments: The tip snapped off in a freak accident, hard to explain. Contacted Okuma via email and had a response within 24 hours plus a new rod within 5 days, just paid shipping costs.  Best customer service and BANG for the buck as far as I'm concerned.  It doesn't get better than this.  These folks back up their product.

From: Frank: Yuma, AZ

Comments: You just can't do better than this rod, it is just absolutely awesome.  Light as a feather, sensitive and strong as steal.  Paired with a Daiwa Fuego 1500A, casts like no other rod in my inventory. Pulled in an 8.5 lunker largemouth with no problem using 10lb. Power Pro. Outstanindg Okuma, perfect rod for casting senkos several meters with great accuracy

From: Frank: Yuma, Arizona USA

Comments: ok, in respond to my previous post.. i finally went fishing with this rod, and let me tell you, im very very impressed, started out with a drop shot on, and this casts like a dream, very accurate and long casts with a 3/16 oz weight. the sensetivity will just blow you out of the water its amazing, i coould literally feel one bass bite the worm, then suck it in, and i set the hook as hard as i could mind this rod beiing a 7'1" ML and it just soaked it up and drove that hook in every time, same goes for shakey heads and single tail grubs on jig heads, later in the day. it absoluting stunning the sensitivity In this ML rod. but it still offers enough backbone to pull those big fish. If you looking for a spinning rod for finesse fishing, look no further, this is it! fish all day with 0 fatigue, feel every single thing thats happening on the other end of your line, and a sick looking rod, you;ve come to the right place.
Good job Okuma!

From: David: Enumclaw, WA

Comments: I just received this rod today, the 7'1" medium light, i bought it for drop shot, shakey head, etc... light finesse stuff.. even though i haven't fished with it yet, i can itell you i already love it! so light and balanced its amazing i have lots of g loomis gl2 rods and this is far lighter than those. the finish of this rod is awesome, they defentaly built a awesome rod here, the fit to detail is perfect, a stellar rod, ill be fishing this weekend so expect a review of actual use next week

From: David: Enumclaw, WA

Comments: Just received my c3-40x, it meets and beats all expectations.  The 40x carbon makes this rod super light and dream to handle.   It loads up great on the strike and has the power and finesse to drag those pesky Mangrove Jacks out their holes. Team up with exo pt for a dream outfit, 10/10

From: Thomas: Australia

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