Okuma Concept C3-40x Casting Rods - $124.88

Okuma Concept C3-40x Casting Rods

Re-designed and upgraded, the new Okuma C3-40X Casting Rods were designed for the anglers out there who spend every weekend fishing tournaments and every minute they can out on the water. Ultra sensitive and lightweight thanks to their advanced 40-ton carbon high-modulus blanks, they have the power to turn the heads of big bass and their feather-like feel allows you to fish for hours with very little arm and wrist fatigue. PacBay Minima reel seats also put you in direct contact with the rod blank, which combined with the absence of a foregrip and advance CarbonCone grips greatly increases sensitivity transfer and reduces weight. Additionally, ALPS low-profile guides with titanium frames and super hard zirconium inserts offer braid-ready performance, and each rod includes Fuji’s new EZ moveable hook keeper, which can be placed anywhere on the rod. Ounce-for-ounce, the Okuma C3-40X Casting Rods are the perfect high-end tournament fishing rods - especially for the price.

-Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Okuma C3-40x Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-20lb 1/4-1oz 9+Tip C3-40x Cast A
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13-1/4" $124.88
C3-40x Cast A

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Comments: Follow up to previous post. Okuma replaced the rod without question. All I had to do was describe the break, how it was being used, and send a copy of receipt. Since the rod was less than 30days old, they even paid shipping from their end. I just sent them a piece of the rod with the rod description on it(model, line, and lure rating). Very pleased with the service.

From: Mike: nashville, TN

Comments: Bought a 7'2 heavy. Great feeling rod. Transmits a bite as well as any I have used including Loomis GLX. The longer handle is great. The rod did break on a hook set into 3 pieces, but I think it must have been defective. Now I'm going to try out Okumas warranty hope it is good to go.

From: Mike: Hermitage, TN

Comments: Grabbed one of these for $100....amazing rod...quite possibly the lightest rod i have used... love the look and feel!!!

From: Corey: GBurg, PA

Comments: just bought another one but in 7'11'' heavy for flipping n pitching and some punching...by far the lightest 7'11" ive felt and it is very sensitive

From: Zeng: Stockton, CA

Comments: caught a 8lber striper on a 7' med heavy.....thought i had a big ol bass...suprise this rod has held up this far...by far one great rod

From: Zeng: Stockton, CA

Comments: Got one of the MH C3's and took it to Falcon, that did not turn out so well for the rod.  Caught maybe 5-6 fish in the 3-6 pound class before it broke in 3 pieces.  Guess that is what happens when you go to falcon under gunned.  Loved the rod right up until it broke.

From: Larry: Colorado Springs, CO

Comments: have one of these in 7' heavy...great rod!! love it.....it held up so far unlike my helios...but ill give the helios another try

From: Zeng: Stockton, CA

Comments: I handled some of these rods at a dealer show this week, haven't used them though. They are extremely light, comparable to the new Abu Garcia Villian line up which i also got to handle. The spinning rods are really nice too. I would not have a problem using this rods if I had a buck fifty to drop on one right now. Saw Scott Martin bust a 36lb sack on his challenge against Randall Tharp on Okeechobee using them...must can alright.

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