Okuma Helios LP Casting Reel

The longer and harder you fish the more you notice the nuances of weight and balance in your equipment. Packing the full power of an aluminum frame, side plates, spool, and gear system, the Okuma Helios LP Casting Reel defies gravity. Weighing in at just 6.3 ounces, no corners were cut with graphite either. It delivers all the rigidity and muscle you need in your go-to reel - with none of the weight you don’t. Also loaded with a wide array of advanced Okuma features, including a Zirconium Line Guide Insert and a Multi-disc Carbonite Drag System among others, oversized EVA grips, a carbon fiber handle and cast control accessed through the Spool Access Port complete the ergonomics of this tournament-bred competitor. Sleek and stylish to boot, the Okuma Helios LP Casting Reel delivers extreme performance.

The ultimate compliment to the Okuma Helios Mini Guide Casting Rods, the combinations begin at less than 10-ounces total, offering a balanced system that can be fished comfortably, all day and every day.


-ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum frame and side plates
-CRC: Corrosion Resistant Coating process
-Heavy duty, aluminum gearing and shafts
-A6061-T6 machined aluminum, anodized spool
-Multi-disc Carbonite drag system
-Micro-click drag star for precise drag settings
-8BB+1RB stainless steel bearing drive system
-Precision Japanese ABEC-5 spool bearings
-Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
-7-position Velocity Control System
-Ergonomic carbon fiber handle design keeps cranking closer to reel body
-Easy change left side plate access port
-Zirconium line guide inserts for use with braided line
-3-year Limited Warranty

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
HS-273VA Right 7.3:1 6.3 8SS + 1RB 12/130, 14/95 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
HS-273VLXA Left 7.3:1 6.3 8SS + 1RB 12/130, 14/95 In Stock: 3 $199.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is what a REVO wishes it was! same type design that's so popular right now such as a revo, but smoother & felt out casts/fishes better in every sense of the word, I have fished top of the line model revs & this is plain better. and with that backlash control, its hard to backlash even with trying, thumbs up!

From: Tony: CA 8/11/16

Comments: LOVE this reel, I have been using it for a year & have yet to have a single backlash. well worth the money.

From: JR: MA 3/29/16

Comments: I recently purchased this combo to throw large swimbaits.First comment is how light the combo is,weighs in at about 11 oz.A very light presence for a combo that can throw 6 oz. baits. Also took it out for snook the other day using live bait and caught 3  43" plus  and it handled it very well and was a lot of fun. Have also used it for c rig and topwater on large mouth bass. Especialy nice for long distance casting.

From: Mitchell: West Palm Beach, FL 8/19/15

Comments: Bought this reel and paired it on a dobyns 805 flip/punch all I do is flip with this thing and I have pulled everything from 1 pounders to 9 pounders and everything in between from the thick mats of lake okeechobee. Every week for the last year it keeps on yanking fish without a flaw. Got way more than I expected out of this thing. Just bought a second one for my backup rod.

From: Julio: Miami, FL 8/5/14

Comments: This reel handles my thick cover applications, and has proved itself to pull fish out of all kinds of vegetative mess. It casts braid a mile long, it handles 20lb fluoro too (what it's currently spooled with). Drag is great, the cranking power is great. I have nothing negative to say about this reel.

From: Hunter: TX 5/17/14

Comments: these things are tanks! im a shimano guy and have cores. this thing stock casts as far as the core. i use it for topwaters like super spooks and also for punching. it has excellent durability, i know for a fact because its over a year old and im hard on my equipment. i bought another one two months after the first. casts very far, handles all line types great, and has the "guts" to yank fish out of thick matts. only thing i would change is the eva knobs. not a fan of the shape but you get used to them after awhile. bottom line is i will buy these before lews,quantum, and abu any day. 4 out of 5 just cause the knobs

From: Joe: Spokane, WA 4/1/14

Comments: I have this real, and it preforms very well, i've only had it a few months but for now it's everything i could ask for, smooth, light, and seems durable, we'll see in the long run though!

From: Stephen: Manchester, CT 3/15/14

Comments: I now have a Helios Air, Helios and Komodo.  All three models have exceeded my expectations.  I have bought Abu Garcia reels for years and have been very impressed with their Revo lineup.  I read a lot of Tackle Tour reviews and usually buy fishing equipment depending on the score given by their experts.  They gave the Helios a stellar review; a score of 8.5.  I took their recommendation and purchased one.  Okuma has produced a complete lineup of quality bait casting reels.  All models I own have performed excellent at casting, reeling, and fighting fish.  I will mix Okuma in with my abu garcia from now on.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 3/15/14

Comments: Bought the 6:1 a few months ago and it stop engaging after I would cast it... For the price just buy a Lews Tournament Pro

From: Barkley: San Diego, CA

Comments: Not sure bout every reel but the two helios reels ive used the handle keeps breaking loose. both on hookset. upsetting prob gonna contact okuma tmw used legend xtreme 76 and 20lb flouro

From: Holiday: Richardson,TX

Comments: With $30 rebate reel came out to $120 online. Got one to use in brackish waters since all my other reels are for freshwater only. Reel is light and smooth. Drag is pretty smooth too. Only complaint are the big handles. But so far I like it as my backup reel and for the price cant be beat.

From: Anthony: S.F. Bayarea

Comments: I have always bought Shimano/Daiwa's in the past but with the $30 rebate on this reel, I decided to try one. And am not disappointed in any way. Reel is very smooth, casts very well, nice and light, good drag. Only long term will I see if it is a great reel. But in the short term is a very good reel.

From: Chris: Cookeville, Tn

Comments: Great reel, it has duel control under the side plate. Buy it u will like it.

From: Shannon: MO

Comments: @Johnson: Chicago.. I think you need to look again. There is both right hand and left hand. And I agree with Thor, MN. At this price range, it should have duel cast control.

Comments: It's really too bad they didn't make lefties.  I would've bought one instead of my Chronarch 201E7.

From: Johnson: Chicago

Comments:  For $200, it's nice and light.  But in that price range, most everybody else offers more ball bearings and dual cast control.  From the video and the spec sheet, this real does not...meaning it only has a centrifugal brake and no magnetic brake system.  Just FYI for all you lookers out there.  I will pass on this reel.

From: Thor, MN

Comments: looks like the komodo but different color schemes! Wouldn't mind ring of though... cant wait to get my hands on one!

From: Mater Yoshi: Being, China

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