The Okuma Krios Casting Reel delivers baitcasting performance well beyond its price range. Loaded with 6 ball bearings (5+1) for super smooth casts and retrieves, it's rigid diecast aluminum frame and graphite sideplates form a solid base of operations that keeps all internal parts in perfect alignment. Its multi-disc carbonite drag system has what it takes to tame big fish and repeated runs, and the micro-click drag star allows you to make precise drag adjustments on the fly.

The ergonomic handle design allows for cranking closer to the body, and the A6061-T6 Machined Aluminum, Anodized Spool helps reduce weight and improve casting performance. Also equipped with both and externally adjustable magnetic cast control system as well as an internal 8-position velocity control system, the Krios provides complete cast control for a wide range of lures and fishing conditions. Super tough and packed with performance, the Okuma Krios Casting Reel has what it takes to tackle a range of bass fishing applications.


-ALC: Rigid Diecast Aluminum Frame
-A6061-T6 Machined Aluminum, Anodized Spool
-Multi-Disc Carbonite Drag System
-Micro-Click Drag Star for precise drag settings
-Externally Adjustable Magnetic Cast Control System
-Internal 8-position Velocity Control System
-Graphite Side Plates on both sides
-Easy Change Palm Side Plate Access Port
-Egonomic Handle Design allows cranking closer to the body
-Zirconium Line Guide Inserts for use with braided lines
-Backed by 1-year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Reel works great, but durability seems to be an issue when put to heavy use. Made the mistake of originally using mine for twitching jigs for salmon & after hooking a few 15# fish the clutch cam busted in half & the button was stuck down. Customer service was great as the guy sent me the part for free since I was repairing it myself, even though it would have only costed a few dollars anyway. Fixed my Krios & was happily using it again, this time only for pitching heavy cover for largemouth. I am sad to say that once again the clutch cam failed & my Krios is back on the shelf.

From: Brent: Puyallup, WA 11/8/15

Comments:  great reel. i use it for frogging and its the best reel I've had i recommend this reel to anyone. i caught my personal best on this a 7.5 pounder.  my only complaint is with braid when you cast the brakes act up and just stop your like from going out.  but i still recommend this great reel

From: Lee: Helena, MT 8/13/14

Comments: Good casting reel. I let my brother used it once and he said it has a pretty smooth cast. He uses a lot of Quantum bait caster.

From: Hero: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: LOve it , ive bought couple different reels past month lews and ardents and this blows them out of water . Ive had the ardent edge pro for month and its already getting sent back with some feed back . the lews seems to be ok but been having problems with bearings . ive yet to have a problem with okuma and will def be spending more money with them .

From: Greg: Duquoin,IL

Comments: I purchased the Okuma Krios about a year ago. I've fished with it several time since and caught small and largemouth bass along with a few Northern Pikes. Considering the Krios usually sells for $109.99 and can usually be acquired for less, it an extremely solid performer of incredible value. It's a smooth casting reel and extremely easy to adjust with the dual casting brake system. It has solid and relatively smooth feeling retrieve and the drag is impressively smooth. This reel is very ergonomic and works very well with my smaller sized hands; I have no problems palming the reel for extended periods of time.  This reel has really impressed me, it's the best baitcaster i've had the pleasure to own and use in the $80-$160 price range. The only downside I can see with this reel is that it is only offered with a 7.3:1 retrieve ratio, if Okuma would produce a 5.4:1 and/or even a 6.2:1 ratio version of this reel and maintain the price point, they would have an extremely good entry level, value packed baitcaster.

From: Vince: Canada, Ontario

Comments: Man all I have to say is wow I caught 15bass in 1hour with this reel it was pair with a abugarcia white rod 7.6 medium heavy it pulled them out the water like nothing get one in fast its cast a mile with no backlash at all good for crankbaiting kvd 2.5

From: bassmaster: Columbia, SC 

Comments: Awesome reel! don't even think about it just get it.  Works and feels great for its price.

From: Hmong: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: this reel is a thing of beauty. i have mine paired up w/ the AG Veritas too. white on white and man its beautiful. works great w/ frogging, pitching, and even punching. its a great buy for 100. i say get it and happy fishing

From: Gary: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: Everyone is saying this reel doesn't cast good and this and that... This reel is obviously made for heavy cover fishing like flipping and pitching. It's made for heavy braided lines, its got a low line capacity because you don't need that much to flip, it's got a high gear ratio to bring those fish in fast when flipping or pitching, and it's got a relatively low amount of bearings like the curado.

From: Andrew

Comments: i just got this reel and its not bad for 105 bucks. i just threw it around the backyard and was impressed with it.  its comfortable and smooth. i would buy it again

From: Andy: IL

Comments: I found this reel for 85 free shipping brand new it's a good reel definitely not worth 105 should be 80 at the most ur paying for the looks but it casts fine with heavier baits it's comfortable and the drag is pretty nice but for a 100 bucks get lews I absolutely love that reel but if u want a reel to look really good and work about 7 maybe 8 out of ten get the krios

From: Doug: Marrero, LA

Comments: Well for a 100 bucks, not bad. was expecting a little more distance with my micro veritas. seems i can't get past 6 on magnets. Overall its better than a skeet. I agree with Duke, if the price was 75 bucks they would be on to something.

From: Shane

Comments: Well, it's not a precise piece like the Calcutta that I own but it doesn't have a $200 price tag  either.  However, it's a nice lite reel with dual braking for a decent price.  It's very much like the Alumina 273 reel with a shiny pearl white color.  Not a bad reel for around $75  with many nice features.  

From: Duke: Radcliff, KY

Comments: any more reviews on this? i want to buy a few but im waiting on the reviews from us fisherman.

From: Leng

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