The Advanced Jig Fishing Techniques DVD by Omega Custom Tackle is an action packed, instructional video featuring several of Omega’s National and Regional pro’s, including 2007 BASS rookie of the year, Derek Remitz.

Filmed in HD on Lake Guntersville, Wilson Lake, Wheeler Lake and Lake of the Ozarks, the pro's share their extensive jig fishing knowledge, strategies and techniques for finding and catching bass.

if you are addicted to jig fishing or just wanting to learn the craft, the Omega Advanced Jig Fishing Techniques DVD is a must.

Customer Reviews

Comments: This video is fairly informative but nothing ground breaking here. Not as detailed as I would have liked. Should have given a little more info on situations and maybe some map photos on areas. Not worth the $20 more like $10. Definitely an infomercial for Omega but they did put it together so I expected that to an extent. If you are new to jig fishing would be helpful. It was worth watching but the music was nauseating needed to put it on subtitles LOL.

From: Jeremy: AL

Comments: this DVD is really an infomercial for Omega's jigs. IMO, this dvd should be handed out for free at trade shows or with the purchase of Omega products. Instruction wise, zero thought was given and production quality is awful. If you want to learn more about fishing jigs, this isn't the video. Waste of 20 bucks...

From: Jig Man: NJ

Comments: Won't play on windows media player, at least not for me.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: except for the "go to hell, obnoxious and overbearing" music, the video is good and informative. Jig lovers would get a few good ideas from watching it. One thing needed to make any jig instructional video great would be underwater footage of how bass react to a jig. That would require more time and investment but thats the one thing missing from all jig videos that I've seen. This one is worth watching though.

From: Brian: SC

Comments: no lie: THE BEST jig video I have seen. If you are unsure about a jig, suck at fishing one, or are good and want to get better, plunk down yer 25 bones and get with the program. Jig on, my brother. Jig on.

From: Meatwad: Out of townski

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