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The Omega Pitching Jig was created at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It features a triangular-shaped head designed to help it come through brush and rocks, as well as a flat face that makes it easy to skip under docks, cables and other cover. Its flat face design also allows it to stand up when at rest at a 45-degree angle and imitate the defensive position of a crawdad. A 60-degree flat hook eye helps produce higher percentage hook ups, and its beefier hook won’t bend out when you’re wrenching fish out of cover. An oversized skirt collar and trailer keeper also firmly keep the skirt and trailer in place, and a rattle band allows you to add two rattles for added fish attraction. Available in a range of colors, the Omega Pitching Jig features a small profile, and the wherewithal to help you land more fish.

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Omega Pitchin Jigs

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  • Black Blue
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  • Chobee
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  • Green Orange
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  • Watermelon Red
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Comments: small profile, finesse type jig, besides the weight, nice jig and casts far.

From: Nick: Ohio

Comments: I first fished with these in my local bass clubs fall classic. It seemed to be fine until I tied on a new one in chobee and set the hook on what could have been the winning bass. To make a long story short the eyelet BROKE OFF and I lost the fish. I ended up getting third with $450 instead of the possible $2000. Point being I won't spend another dime on omega( buy a Mann's Stone jig in 3/8 if you want a real jig

From: Bob: Carlyle, IL

Comments: This isn't a jig for heavy cover because it's got a light wire hook and light weed guard but its an amazing open water jig for sure.  They make other jigs designed for cover.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: I boought a couple of these jigs in the chobee color at a boat show in st louis and they were amazing for flippin and pitchin to heavy cover when i lost my last one i was so upset and went to bass pro and they didnt even carry omega jigs at the time and no they do but not this finnesse type pitchin jig they only have it in the eraser head or football head finnesse jig so u bet that i am going to be getting some!!!

From: Trevor: MO

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