Omega Pro-Mega Structure Jig

Omega Pro-Mega Structure Jig
OMEGA Custom Tackle teamed up with tournament veteran and deep water specialist, Roger Fitzpatrick, to design the Omega Pro-Mega Structure Fishing Jig. This new creation was designed specifically to be fished out on deep structure amongst rock and through brush. The Pro-Mega Jig also excels when "Stroking" a jig out on Bass infested ledges as well. The Missouri Pro teamed up with OMEGA to design the perfect structure fishing jig to probe deep water haunts without getting hung up. The Pro-Mega's head design,60 degree cross line tie, razor sharp Gamakatsu hook, optimum angle fiber guard, and it's ability to catch fish make the Pro-Mega Jig the "Perfect all Purpose Jig!" Roger Fitzpatrick

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the jig in 3/8ozbama is by far my favorite jig. works well for pitching to docks or any cover. i havent found a lake or river that i couldnt get bites on this jig. i love a blue craw trailer or a junebug ring worm.

From: Doug: maryland, usa

Comments: This jig is good from 3/8ths to 7/8ths oz. It's nice to have an alternative to the football head.  That being said, the 1 oz. version has way too thick of a hook on it.  If I'm fishing structure as this jig is designed to do, the only reason I would need 1 oz. is i'm either fishing really deep, or I'm casting really far.  Either way, I have a ton of line out and it's hard to get a good hookset with a big fat flipping hook.  Plus if your jig rolls over into a rock, that hook isn't going to give and you can say goodbye to that jig. That drives me nuts.  Will someone please design a 1 oz. non-football casting jig with a medium/light wire hook? The 1 oz version is more like a flip/punch jig. 

From: Snaildog

Comments: This is the only brand of jigs i use they are just great jig for all your needs, skipping, brush piles  and even deep water !

From: Kevin: NJ

Comments: great jig skips very well buy a bunch.

From: Louis

Comments: Great jig. killed em flipping and pitching brush and trees with the bama in 3/8 size. will buy more!!!

Comments: i was a big strike king jig guy. but the build quality is amazing! ill never use anything else! (I have no affiliation with omega)

Comments: Incredibly versatile jig, I can skip them under docks if I need to or casting for deep structure like they're made for. Caught fish both ways on this jig. The hook holds up well after a few full days of hard tournament fishing and i'm very, very pleased with the results. Oh and on these milfoil lakes i fish they are pretty weed resistant (no jig is weedles)

From: Erik: MN

Comments: these jigs are a great all around jig deep, shallow, any where great hook and keeper and use the minda spear craw as a trailer and you will be setting the hook like crazy

From: AJ: Florissant, MO

Comments: Not only is this jig good for fishing deep, but I skip it under low hanging trees, deeper docks, and around shallow brush. It really is a great all purpose jig.

From: Ryan: Minnesota, USA

Comments: I use these for deep structure fishing and these jigs are great. They sit with the hook upwards, and the hook is sharp and durable. Its a must have for deep water jig fishing.

From: Chris: Gilbert, AZ

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