Optimum Diamond Heads - $5.99

The Optimum Diamond Head features a convenient screw lock keeper that allows you to rig your swimbait weedlessly, or with an open hook. The wide, flat diamond shape of the head also provides a stable base for your swimbait, allowing it to stand up at a 45-degree angle, and imitate a feeding baitfish as it scoots along the bottom. The same broad, flat design of the head, also provides additional resistance as you swim it through the water, allowing you to retrieve it even slower. Available in several sizes, pair the Optimum Diamond Head with your favorite Optimum Swimbait.

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Optimum Diamond Heads

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Optimum Diamond Heads 3/8 3pk $5.99 4+
Optimum Diamond Heads 1/2 3pk $5.99 4+

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