Optimum has been one of the leading manufacturers of swimbaits in the bass fishing industry for years and the Optimum OP Flash Finish Minnow is another bass dominating swimbait in their lineup. The Optimum OP Flash Finish Minnow is an excellent wakebait as well as a shallow to mid depth diving swimbait. Ideal on a slow to medium speed retrieve the reflective foil finish of the Optimum OP Flash Finish Minnow will call up fish from the depths to crush this swimbait.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Decent swimbait. Tonight was the first night I threw this bait and caught some good fish with it. It swam straight and put out a medium/small wake. This lure is best fished at a little bit faster than a creep, that is when the tail starts to move.  As opposed to a ms slammer where it has a lot of action even at the slowest of speed. It bounced off a few rocks and a bridge and lost its tail and the lip cracked loose, and the paint is already chipping. These might be more durable with an extra coat of epoxy before throwing it around the shoreline.  I would buy them again for 9.99

From: sdw snakehead steve: NY, SF, KR, LA

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