As one of the first companies to enter the freshwater swimbait market, Optimum Swimbaits has maintained their status as proven fish catchers. Optimum Swimbaits are relied upon by professionals due to their versatility and lifelike features. This company creates swimbaits that continue to produce record catches. Their swimbaits have lifelike eyes, natural action, and excellent strike to catch ratios. These features make Optimum Internal Head Swimbaits leaders in the swimbait market. These swimbaits also offer excellent durability, thanks to the internal weight design and body structure. You can't fish these baits wrong. Either shallow or deep, fast or slow, Optimum Swimbaits will produce however they are fished. With so many colors and sizes, Optimum Swimbaits provide a wide range of fish catching options.

Optimum Internal Head Weight Class
3" 1/2oz Sinking
5" 1oz Sinking
6" 2-1/4oz Sinking
7" 3-1/4oz Sinking
8" 4-1/4oz Sinking

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These baits in 3 to 6" size are a knockout for night fishing. The 3 and 5" sizes are almost too small, but big ones will still choke on them. I'm not sure if there is a better night swimbait out there than these, and a hell of a bargain.

From: Chris: Las Vegas, NV 8/25/14

Comments: performance wise this swimbait worked great.  On a day where bass were short striking a drop shot, they were just choking on a 4in light trout.  The head split open after it got eaten a bit, but that's the cost of doing business with big bass.

From: Ehner: Minor, ND

Comments: same thing happened to me, the head split in half within the first ten minutes if using it causing the wieght to be exposed and it to start swimming sideways. Definitely not worth the money for a ten minute lure

From: Clayton: Glen Carbon, IL

Comments: Awesome swimming action, this bait is great to slow roll on the bottom because of it top hook. I use the Bass, and Dark Rainbow in Southern California. This bait also has a belly ring to attach a lower hook to make it even more versatile.

From: Doug: Lakeside, CA

Comments: my head came out of the bait first day not a bait I would ever buy agin. Save your cash on this one and don't buy. 

From: Joey: USA

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