The Optimum Tails of Optimum Swimbaits are designed to fit perfectly with your favorite swimbait heads. Great for freshwater or saltwater fishing, they are ideal for those times when you need a lure that covers a broad speed and depth range. Highly detailed and fully decked out with gills and dorsal fins, they also feature thinner bodies, which when rigged correctly, are speed-burners that can produce a super-fast cadence yet still retain the capability for a very slow presentation. The key is to find what mood the fish are in and experiment with different weighted heads. Available in a variety of colors, the Optimum Tails of Optimum Swimbaits are fish catching machines.

Length Quantity
4" 4
5" 3
6" 2

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought 2 packs for swim jigs and the tails on every one of them are bent severely to the point of almost not even working. If they came in shaped packaging like shadalicious, big hammers, etc. It would be far better.

From: NebBM: NB

Comments: This swimbait is one of my favorites for the Alabama rig, it also works very well when rigged on a weedless leadhead and fished through grass and wood. Very realistic profile and action!

From: Mark: Riverside, CA

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