The Optimum Top of the Line Swimbait features a unique line thru rigging system, which allows the treble hook to release from the top of the bait - helping you fish the bottom with fewer issues. You can drag it super slow through structure, ledges, reefs, etc. and not pick up debris or get hung up as easily. Its super soft pliable, plastic construction also gives it a nice, realistic quivering action like a real baitfish, and it is counterbalanced by a tungsten weight in the belly, which provides a nice lifelike fall. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes to help you better match the hatch, the Optimum Top of the Line Swimbait features the same killer body style as the original Baby Line Thru swimbait, and the bait still rides up the line on hook ups, so you save the bait and are just fighting the fish with the treble hook.

"Optimum's 5-inch BLT has been my go-to swimbait for over three years now. With the addition of the Top Hook Line Thru I can now fish it in deeper water and either slow roll it on the bottom or hop it, and have confidence it won’t pick up all the trash. The kicker is that once I hook the fish I know it will stay hooked because it still slides up the line." - BASS Elite Angler, Fred Roumbanis

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This S/B does not swim true, I've had good luck with other Optimum's product line. I think this one is a lemon. Should have listen to the other reviews on this S/B. Not Happy.

From: Dachile: Yuma, AZ

Comments: bought 2 of these in 4 and 5 inch and the 5 inch was split down the middle when i recieved it and the other 4 inch ripped the body really easy on a log would not buy again!!! unless they "optimize" there product

From: Zach: hillsboro,ohio

Comments: bought  3  of  these  last   year.  after  about 10  casts  the  weight  in  front  pulled  throught  the  nose  of  the  bait.  cost  me $30.00. will  not  buy  them  agian!

From: Dave: Colo, USA

Comments: The original BLT is great but when fishing around weed beds or submerged cover the Top of the Line is the way to go.

From: Doug: Hamilton, OH

Comments: Got some of the 5" to try out at Lake Amistad last week and had good luck with the sweet tooth color. Came through the trees nicely and didn't loose one bait in 3 days.

From: Josh: Dallas, TX

Comments: I like the line-through version so I got one of the top-hook baits to try and it's junk. All it does is barrel roll at any retrieve speed. Waste of money.

Comments: Great Bait, same action as the BLT. There's an extra weight that allows you to get the bait down deeper and fish it faster, which is a plus in many situations when fishing with swimbaits. However, the front nose of the bait tears very easily causing one of the weights to fall out. I've had this happen to both of mine, I'm not saying I take it easy on these baits but they should last a little longer. Other than that a great design.   

From: Garrett: MI

Comments: Great action even at very slow speeds. I've had a problem with the 5" version with the head portion of the bait tearing around the insert, even on baits that I haven't caught fish on yet. When the swimbait bite is on though, these line-thru baits are fantastic and offer a very high hook-up ratio.

From: Maelstrom: Knoxville, TN

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