Organized Fishing Modular Utility Box Racks - $9.99 to $23.99

Tired of stowaways cluttering up your deck, garage, truck, or house? Organize your angling overflow with the Organized Fishing Modular Utility Racks. Extremely versatile, they are made to accommodate most 3600 and 3700 size utility boxes. Built using sturdy metal wire, the slots are also made at an angle so none of your boxes accidentally fall out. Mount them to the wall or leave them freestanding, the Organized Fishing Modular Utility Racks are the answer to the unorganized anglers prayers. 

The 14 box unit also features two slots that can accommodate 3730 utility boxes.

Please Note: The 6-Box, 8-Box & 14-Box Racks are drop shipped.

Model Dimensions
4-Box Rack 12"H x 15"W x 6"D 
6-Box Rack 16"H x 15"W x 6"D 
8-Box Rack 21"H x 15"W x 6"D 
14-Box Rack 34"H x 15"W x 6"D 

Please Note:

-Item is drop shipped and cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States due to shipping costs.
-No C.O.D. payments for this item.
-Shipping cost not included in price.
-Since items are drop shipped, shipping and delivery dates are handled by manufacturer, and not guaranteed. Please contact product manufacturer with any questions.

-Rods, reels, baits, etc. are not included.

6 Box Capacity
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Organized Fishing Modular Utility Box Racks

3 Available Colors

  • 6 Box Capacity
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    Yes $9.99
  • 8 Box Capacity
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    Yes $12.99
  • 14 Box Capcity
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    Yes $23.99

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Comments: This 14 box rack is pretty useful, especially the two larger slots on the bottom for the thicker/deeper 3700 sized boxes.  I used 4 HD wall anchors, and not the ones provided which were no where sufficient to support the weight of 14-boxes of cranks, jigs, plastics, etc.  It should be good to go on the wall, although the actual shelf wires are a little flimsy.  For me, it puts the boxes within arms reach, yet now they don't take up shelf space above my work bench.  It's also nice to just pull out one box, instead having them just sitting on top of each other and sliding around or toppling over when I need to grab a middle or bottom one. 

From: Erik: VA 2/23/15

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