Incredibly soft and full of action, the Original Shammi Line Thru Swimbaits deliver a true-to-life baitfish imitation that is capable of tricking the biggest and most seasoned bass into biting. Built in the traditional line-thru fashion, the Original Shammi Line Thru Swimbaits feature a channel running from the tip of the nose down to the middle of the pectoral fins for easy rigging.

A hook slot on the bottom also holds either a 1/0 or 2/0 round bend treble securely in place (1/0 for the 5”, and 2/0 for the 7"), and once bass strike, the treble hook disengages and allows the bait to slide up the line, so it can't be used as leverage to spit the hook. Complete with lifelike baitfish details and flowing fins, the Original Shammi Line Thru Swimbaits are a must-have for any swimbait aficionado. 

Length Weight
5" 1-oz
7" 2-oz

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