Swimming jigs has become a widely known "secret" on the pro tour and among knowledgeable anglers everywhere. Instead of fishing the jig on the bottom, these OutKast Swim Jigs are designed to be retrieved through the middle of the water column. Put a matching trailer on the OutKast Swim Jig and throw it around brush, pads, grass, and other cover much like you would a spinnerbait. The ample weedguards will protect the light jigs from hanging every twig you contact and the natural, flowing skirts of these OutKast jigs will entice strikes. Give this exciting technique a try, you'll be amazed at the cover you can fish with a swim.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome little swim jig. When I first received them, I was afraid they would snag. But I fished them all weekend and didn't lose one. I put a RI Skinny Dipper on as the trailer and caught bass after bass. Will be a go to lure when the bass want a more subtle presentation than a spinnerbait.

From: Adam: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: Very strong well built bait, caught a 40+ pound white amur on accident and it held up perfectly.

Comments: Quality bait without a doubt

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: Fantastic in weeds and well balanced. Very well priced.

From: Josh: Minneapolis, MN

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