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Outkast Tackle Finesse Jig - $3.49

The Outkast Tackle Finesse Jig is finally here. Outkast took the same great head from their Money Jig, flattened the eye, added a thinner weedguard, and equipped it with a super sharp, premium Gamakatsu hook. Available in several colors, pair the Outkast Finesse Jig with your favorite trailer and it’s “game over” for finicky fish.

The 3/16oz comes with a thinner/shorter skirt, and a light wire Gamakatsu hook for those ultra finesse situations. The 5/16oz (pictured) comes with a 54-strand finesse skirt and a heavy wire Gamakatsu hook.

Brent Carlson Finesse Jig Video

Comments: This jig skips like a dream for dock fishing!  Awesome bait to fish on pressured boat docks!

From: Jordan: TN

Comments: Every thing about this jig is right, hook is the perfect size and skirt flare is right on ,keeper barbs is cool to. I will be getting more of these .

From: DMAC: VA

Comments: Spectacular jig! The head design is great for coming over rock, and standing up. The hook is strong and wont bend out. Overall, I recommend it to anyone who fishes finesse jigs.

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

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Outkast Tackle Finesse Jig

5 Available Colors

  • Black Blue
    Size Stock Qty
    3/16 5
    5/16 4
  • Bruise
    Size Stock Qty
    3/16 4
    5/16 4
  • Crawdad
    Size Stock Qty
    3/16 5+
    5/16 3
  • Fire Melon
    Size Stock Qty
    3/16 2
    5/16 5
  • Sunfish
    Size Stock Qty
    3/16 3
    5/16 5

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