A smaller version of the popular, original Yuki Bug, the Owner Baby Yuki Bug is ideal for drop shotting, and also as a trailer for jig presentations. Like the larger version, it still has an air chamber in the tail. This allows the tail to float up, and above the rest of the bait in a defensive position - daring fish to strike. Available in several proven colors and loaded with Owner's Tasty Scent for added fish attraction, the Owner Baby Yuki Bug delivers the same performance anglers love from the original - now in a more bite-size presentation. 

Length Quantity
3.3" 8

Swimming Rig - try the Owner TwistLock 5132 Hook.

Texas Rig - try the Owner Twistlock 5136 Hook.

Drop Shot Nose Rig - try the Owner Mosquito 5177 Hook.

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Just received an order of these bad boys and I'm really impressed with the packaging.  Keeps tails straight and really makes a big difference Going to be fishing them this weekend for smallies, this is one of those baits you just know will catch fish before you even fish it.

Comments: Tight little bait. I started Texas riggin, then wacky riggin. Both were effective. I now toss them with a Damiki Neiko sinker screwed in the head, and a small circle wacky hook thru the beef. Helps to get that tail up even more. Watermelon red....need I say more?

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: One of the best drop shot baits in my box. Not too many people know about the wonders of this baits. Get some of theses!!!

From: Chris: CT

Comments: Fished the 2011 Marks Outdoors Open Tournament on 4-30-11.  Caught 4 decent fish at the end of the day with this Texas rigged on a 3/8 oz tungsten weight setup. Wished I would have went with it earlier. Awesome bait

From: Big Daddy G: Calera, AL

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