Cultiva Bugeye Baits are shallow-running finesse cranks rigged with Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point Treble Hooks, and feature "Living Eyes" and loud rattles. Bugeye Baits sport tantalizing paint jobs and these little baits have the right action to put big fish in the boat. The Bugeye Bait is sure to be a summertime favorite for anglers everywhere.

Cultiva Length Weight Dive Depth Class Belly Hook Tail Hook Line Recommendation
Bugeye Bait(SP) 2" 1/4oz. 2-4ft. Floating #8 Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point Trebles #10 Owner ST-36 Super Needle Point Trebles 6-10lb

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments:  By far the most durable finish of any crankbait.  Just wish TW carried more colors and other C'ultiva products.  The hooks on these bad boys are so sharp it is frightening.

From: Jimmy: Winton, PA

Comments: Awesome largemouth crankbait for small to large ponds.  Bullfrog is a good color.

From: Paul: Maryland, USA

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