The Cultiva Tango Dancer 115 is a thick-bodied topwater walking bait featuring "Living Eyes," resonating "thunder rattles," and reflective, textured, holographic foil finishes. The Tango Dancer 115 was built to dance, but also to fly. At 7/8 ounce, the Tango Dancer 115 will cut the wind and cast long and straight. In addition, each Cultiva Tango Dancer 115 is rigged with two #2 Owner ST-41 XX-Strong Cutting Point treble hooks.

Owner Cultiva Length Weight Class Hooks Line Recommendation
Tango Dancer 115 4.6" 7/8oz. Surface #2 ST-41 XX-Strong Cutting Point Trebles 12-20lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Sits level on the water and walks well with short glides. The finish shouldn't be an issue, as most of the color in internal. The hooks are premium. I found I couldn't cast it as well as a Skitterwalk with spinning gear for reds/snook, and for me this is a big drawback. When it doesn't tumble in the air, it casts great, like any heavier topwater should, but about half the casts tumble. In addition to being annoying, it made it very difficult to judge the power to put behind a cast in order to hit the target. I overshot or undershot at least half the time. I fished it about half a day, enough to convince me this issues were real and not solely operator error. Overall, one of the better topwaters I've used in terms of action, but not having as much control of the cast is a major drawback for how I fish. 

From: Ed: Gainesville, FL 8/31/14

Comments:Comments:This is the best walking bait I have tried so far. It sits level on the water and with the right cadence it will shift side to side while hardly moving forward. This technique drove the big bass crazy at El Salto, Mex last July. I would however like to see it offered in more than three colors.

From:David: Hobbs, MN

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