The Owner Jr. Minnow is a fluke-style bait that can be fished in a variety of different ways. Rigged on the Owner JigRig, ball head jig or darter head, the Jr Minnow acts like a foraging baitfish near the bottom. Drag it, bounce it or skip it along the bottom, its super soft plastic construction and unique shark-shaped tail combine to produce a tantalizing action. Also a great choice on a EWG offset worm hook, the Jr. Minnow features a convenient hook slot for easy rigging, and swims in a subtle side-to-side motion on a slow retrieve. With big rod twitches it will dart side-to-side in an erratic action like traditional flukes. Available in a range of colors, the Owner Jr. Minnow is also loaded with Owner's Tasty Scent for added fish attraction.

Length Quantity
4.3" 7

0 Colors

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