The Owner Jig Rig Lead Sinker is an easy to way to customize your Jig Rig set-up to match your fishing conditions. Tailoring the sinker weights of your Jig Rig depending on depth and bait size helps to improve presentation and castibility. Because the weight and the hook are independent of one another there's no need to re-tie when changing weight sizes. 

Includes split rings

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Comments: These are crucial for use with Jika rigging plastics. The split rings make adding them to a ringed worm hook a snap and eliminate the need to tie your line to a split ring. They are pricey, but the ease of rigging and effectiveness of the rig they produce is worth it. You can use them for punching light mats, they slide right through grass, they cast further than a Texas rig, and they rarely hang up on the bottom, so working them around rip-rap can be deadly. Also, because they swing free from the hook, there's very little chance of popping open the fish's mouth on hookset and, once hooked, the fish stays that way. Excellent product!

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 3/27/15

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