Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook 2pk

Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook 2pk

The Owner Jig Rig is the ultimate tool for fishing soft plastic baits along the bottom. Its slim-profile tungsten weight drops straight down below your bait, penetrating vegetation and allowing you feel the bottom. Then, as you slowly retrieve the snagless rig over bottom contours, your bait, rigged on a hook that pivots independent of the weight, freely moves about, tantalizing even the most wary bass. With the weight leading the way, the compact profile of this rig also allows for longer, more accurate casts, and weights can easily be removed and added to the split ring without re-tying line or re-rigging bait. The Jig Rig’s light wire hook (attached to a solid ring) features an extra wide gap, Z-lock shoulder bend, Super Needle Point, and Black Chrome finish. Available in a range of weights to help accommodate changing fishing conditions, the Owner Jig Rig will take your fishing to the next level.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook #1 3/16 $6.99 5+
Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook 1/0 3/16oz $6.99 5+
Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook 3/0 3/16oz $6.99 5+
Owner JigRig Tungsten Weighted Hook 5/0 1/4oz $6.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great hook, great rig! only problem is a want a 1/2 oz or 5/8 oz for big worms on the ledges.

From: Marshall: KY 6/17/14

Comments: caught my personal best 8lber on this rig. its alot cheaper to make your own at home... you can mmake atleast 5 of them for 5 bucks

From: Mike

Comments: Nice rig!!! Just got done trying it my pond!!! Caught two nice fish a 4lb and 3lber. Saw a nice one cruising looked to be 5lber or 6lber, she bit when I set the hook it straightened out. Granted I was using the #1 hook with 30lb braid and a 12lb flouro leader, I thought it would taken more to straighten the hook than that. Not giving it a bad review cause I believe the issue was some fault of my own. But will change hook out for a superline hook.

From: Mike: Suffolk, VA

Comments: I helped with testing the JigRig in the Pacific Northwest. Let's just say this system gives you a completely new approach to Texas-rigged plastics. If you want an edge over the competition, you've found it. Rig this with an Owner Yuki Bug and hold on.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

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