Owner Nervous Rex 5.9" 4pk - $3.99

Nervous typifies the action that every angler wants to impart on their bait as a trophy bass closes in, and the Owner Nervous Rex does just that almost on its own. A lifelike twitch bait constructed from Owner’s super soft plastic, it swims with a great side-to-side darting action and has a tail that quivers in the stillest environments and slightest currents. The Nervous Rex also features hook slits on both the top and bottom of its body for weedless applications and solid hooksets. Available in several proven fish catching colors, the Owner Nervous Rex is also loaded with Owner’s Tasty Scent for added fish attraction.

Length Quantity
5.9" 4

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As a twitch bait - try the Owner Ultrahead Round Jig Head.

As a search bait - try the Owner Flashy Swimmer.

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Owner Nervous Rex 5.9

5 Available Colors

  • Ayu
    Stock Qty
  • Ghost Silver Flk
    Stock Qty
  • Green Pumpkin Blk & Red Flk
    Stock Qty
  • Smokey Shad
    Stock Qty
  • Watermelon Red
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