Delivering a nose down, tail up presentation that even the wariest bass find hard to resist, the versatile Owner Shaky Worm is made from a unique "foam type" material that makes it buoyant, yet keeps it supple enough to impart tremendous action when twitched. Each Owner Shaky Worm also includes the added benefit and fish attraction of Owner's Tasty Scent and Seducing Action systems.

Because the Owner Hooks and Owner Soft Plastic baits were specifically designed to work together, they combine to impart an ideal action and presentation - providing anglers with a huge advantage over other mix-and-match soft plastics and hooks. The Owner Shaky Worm can be bounced or twitched along the bottom with Owner Shaky Ultraheads, or floated up into the strike zone when Carolina-rigged with an Owner 5132 TwistLock Hook. It has also proven deadly wacky rigged with a nail sinker on the Owner 5172P Wacky Hook. The Owner Shaky Worm is available in a variety of perfect fish catching colors and rigging techniques using recommended Owner hooks are illustrated on all packaging.

Length Quantity
6.5" 7

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely the best worm I have ever fished.I used the green weenie in an informal fishing tournament between friends at work. One guy caught a nice bass on a senko but I caught 8 bass to win the tournament. No other fish were caught that day.This worm will stand straight up on a shakey head jig and quivers at the slightest movement of your rod. Awesome bait. 

From: Jared: Plainview,Tx

Comments: Hands down the best worm I have ever used. Last year I caught 4 different species on this worm wacky rigged.

From: Jake: Spokane, WA

Comments: I only have (2) kinds of dropshot worms. This Owner Shaky Worm and Roboworms. Side by side, this 6.5" worm attracted more "large" fish and consistently put fish in the boat. Green Pumpkin is KILLER up here in the Pacific Northwest.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: I must say this is one of, if not the best shaky worm on the market. the tail stands straight up and the quivering action when twitched is Incredible!!

From: John: Batesville, IN

Comments: I'm a shore fisherman. I tried this worm on a 1/8 th ounce shaky rig. I caught 2 chunky bass on it in a half hour. One 3 lb. other a 2 lb.  It's no doubt they were feeding at the time, but what fun it was.  These worms work and have micro bubbles in them that add to floatation making it great for shaky technique. A good product worth trying.

From: Pat: San Jose ,CA

Comments: The shakey head no doubt kills but if the presentation is not there you may as well just be fishing a regular sinking worm on a jig. To me shaky head means a vertical presentation to make it appear that your bait is feeding off the bottom and thats what makes it so irrisitable to a bass. i have tried a lot of different worms but to be honest this is the best shaky head worm on the market right now! I have tried a lot of worms that state they do this but fail and fall on their sides or the bait is not true out of the package a lot of x stretchy baits are crooked out of the package others take too long for the salt to dissolve and don't run true. i hope to see this worm become more popular and they can add some new colors, shapes and designs.

From: Andy: State College, PA

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