Perhaps the most versatile bait in the Owner Soft Plastics lineup, the Owner Wounded Minnow can be rigged and fished a multitude of ways. The most unique way to rig it, however, is with the Owner Wacky Jig Head on and through the side of the bait. By nature, all baits swim toward the angler when twitched, but not the Wounded Minnow. When rigged on the side and twitched, the Nervous Minnow swims 90-degrees (sideways) from the angler. This allows the Wounded Minnow to be stealthily swam into areas that were previously unreachable. Available in several proven colors and loaded with Owner’s Tasty Scent, the Owner Wounded Minnow can also be rigged Texas-style and with traditional leadheads.

Length Quantity
3.5" 6

Wounded Minnow with JP DeRose

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First time out with Nervous Rex, I dropped an "AYU" into a school of surface-feeding Trevally and immediately hooked up to a Yellowtail Kingfish. He went +20lb on 8lb tackle. It just doesn't get any better than this.

From: Jeff: Mangonui, Northland New Zealand 10/23/14

Comments: Wacky Jigged I outfished wacky jigged stick baits 2 to 1. And with a light lead head jig dragging on bottom or hopping in and around weeds was the only person catching fish when others couldn't get a bite. Also produced better than a drop shot minnow side by side in the late spring early summer bite. Have only used Ayu and smokey shad, Ayu is my favorite but not by much. Have also caught big crappie by mistake targeting bass. I do not know why, but I have more confidence and success with this bait than other fish type baits. Highly recomended.

From: James: Bloomsburg, PA USA

Comments: So impressed with this bait. At 1st I was like a buck a bait? Let me tell ya, well worth it. So lifelike to the touch. In the water even more so. Rig it on a wacky jig head and get ready.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

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