T-H Marine Oxygenator OP-2 Portable Livewell Keeper

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O2 Marine has provided this technology for live wells in boats for years, and now they are introducing the Oxygenator OP-2 Portable Livewell Keeper for shore and pier anglers. Powered by a small 12-volt battery, it’s a perfect choice for someone maintaining minnows at home, and it’s also powerful enough to use in boat livewells up to 30 gallons.

Designed for fresh or saltwater environments, Oxygenator OP-2 Portable Livewell Keeper manufactures 100% pure oxygen by splitting the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule in water. This creates a super saturated oxygen environment, even in the warmest water.

Warning: This device can manufacture chlorine - especially in saltwater. Treating your water with Oxygenator U2 Pro Formula livewell treatment is recommended. U2 assists in removing chlorine, ammonia and CO2. It also replaces electrolytes and slime coating. A re-circulating pump or spray bar is always helpful as well.

Dispersion Plate Dimensions: 3" x 3-3/8"

Three Settings:

LOW: Ideal for 4 to 10 gallon containers, such as small coolers and minnow buckets. Runs 2 minutes on the hour (for overnight maintenance in 5 gallon containers)
MEDIUM: Ideal for 10 plus gallon containers, such as large coolers. Runs 4 minutes on the hour. Good for overnight.
HIGH: Ideal for 20 to 30 gallon containers, such as boat live wells and minnow tanks. Runs continuously.


-Battery Clamps
-12-volt Battery Cable - 8ft (Please note when connecting to battery: Wire with white dashes is positive & solid black wire is negative)


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