P-Line Voltage Line

P-Line Voltage Line

P-Line Voltage is tournament grade copolymer line extruded with P-Line's proprietary UV-Guard technology. By adding a UV inhibitor during the extrusion process, P-Line has built a line that shields the sun's destructive rays ensuring a much longer life on your reel. Offering just the right amount of abrasion resistance and castability, P-Line Voltage also has an excellent strength to diameter ratio. Whether you're loading a spinning reel to fish the flats or putting 10 baitcasters on the deck of your bass boat, P-Line Voltage is a line that will easily gain your trust, and a place in your tackle arsenal.

Line Diameter 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .0112 .0126 .0138 .0154 .0173 .0181
Millimeters .285 .320 .350 .390 .440 .460

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
P-Line Voltage Line 8lb 300yd $7.99 4
P-Line Voltage Line 10lb 300yd $8.49 4
P-Line Voltage Line 12lb 300yd $8.49 5+
P-Line Voltage Line 15lb 300yd $8.49 5+
P-Line Voltage Line 17lb 300yd $9.49 2
P-Line Voltage Line 20lb 300yd $9.49 3

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The more I use this line the more I like it !!! Great knot strength, fairly manageable, inexpensive,  I wish they offered it in the 600 or 1000 yard spools.

From: Mike: Utah

Comments: Average line. Kind of a let down after using P-Line CX. Not very manageable on spinning gear and somewhat bulky and stiff in the test weight as compared to other lines. A strong line but the other drawbacks outweigh that for me.

From: Ray: Carmel, NY

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